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Ideological and political discord drags anchor, costing your organization time, money and even your good name.  And winner-take-all strategies aren’t sustainable. They simply ensure continued battles, with lines drawn sharper each time.

Wharton Policy Group, LLC is out to change that.  We help firms, non-profits and governments reduce stakeholder conflict by finding policy space that works for them – and those who oppose them.

What People Are Saying

Drawing on broad her experience in financial services and excellent communication skills, Susan earned the trust of our members, identified key industry issues and crafted clear guidance to help minimize risk to the appraisal profession and to the public.

Michael J. Zuriff

Manager of Regulation, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Americas

I have worked with Susan over the years and greatly admire her skills as a writer, policy analyst and housing finance expert. It is rare to find someone with her ability to translate complex issues into terms that can be readily understood by policymakers.

Ann Schnare

Principal, A.B. Schnare and Associates, LLC